Lana Del Rey is the type of musician that fans of any genre can appreciate, especially because she has a rock 'n' roll soul. There have actually been quite a few times where she referenced rock artists in her songs, too.

The singer-songwriter rose to fame in 2011 after her debut single "Video Games" went viral on the internet, and she followed it with the release of her first album (under the moniker Lana Del Rey, Born to Die, in early 2012. She's put out seven more releases since then, and has become one of the biggest household names in modern music. She's always had an old soul, though, capturing a vintage aesthetic both in her appearance and in her sound, and she's a self-professed fan of a lot of rock artists that have been around for decades.

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Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain are two of her biggest influences. She's been spotted at Guns N' Roses and Motley Crue concerts. She was supposed to collaborate on a song with Lou Reed, who died the day of their scheduled meeting. Rick Rubin produced her 2012 hit "Ride." She covered Sublime's "Doin' Time" for her 2019 album Norman Fucking Rockwell!, and has done live renditions of songs by The Doors and Nirvana.

Must we go on?

Check out the 15 times rock musicians were referenced in Lana Del Rey songs below. Links to the tracks are included in the captions, if you're interested in listening to them.

15 Times Rock Artists Were Referenced in Lana Del Rey Songs

These rock artists were referenced in Lana Del Rey songs.

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