How many times has Major League Baseball pushed or changed their prospective restart date? Are we on the third or fourth date now? It's scheduled to restart later this month, but odds of that happening are very slim. Why? Because America is too busy letting politics interfere with public health. Straight up. Citizens and your fellow countrymen are convinced the idea of washing your hands is some Illuminati/Liberal/George Soros/Bill Gates/New World Order conspiracy.

Meanwhile, other countries that took the health threat seriously instead of creating memes and letting politicians decide what the risks and best practices should be are recovered enough to do things like... Party at the bar with your bros in New Zealand... Or experience live music at concerts again in Italy... Or, as in this case, have a national return to live professional sports like Japan... but that's not the whole story.

The world is still aware of the coronavirus problem. Until it's eradicated globally, it can spike in areas where caution is cast aside for a little social time and haircuts.

Example: Oklahoma and Texas history May 3rd, 2020 through present day.

With the risk of case spikes ever present, Japan is making it possible to enjoy as much normal life as possible. They're back to playing professional baseball. If you ever saw Mr. Baseball, you know they take their national sport seriously... but to be on the safe side, playing in front of a live crowd is still months or years away, really depends on a viable vaccine and/or safe easy treatment.

So they just play games in an empty stadium?

Well, yeah. As bleak as that sounds, imagine being able to turn on the game tonight when you got home.

To fill the void of silence at what would normally be a deafeningly loud NPB game, they've added crowd sound effects and loud music. For a little movement and entertainment, why not robots? Japan is a world leader in the technology, and quite frankly, it's pretty entertaining. Not something you'd watch on its own, but definitely good enough to fill the space between pitches.

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