It's back! Jimmy Dean sausage scented gift wrapping paper has returned for another year. That's right you could wrap your presents with gift wrap that smells like Jimmy Dean Sausage. Does it get any better than that, I think not! We need this more now than any other year, 2020 sucks just a little bit less thanks to the Jimmy Dean Recipe Gift Exchange. They have all kinds of sausage related cool stuff you could win!

Not just sausage scented gift wrapping paper, Jimmy Dean has a whole line of great gifts this year that you could win. They have the Jimmy Dean Sausage-mint Bark, SausageBuds, Sausage Patty Sled, Jig Sausage Puzzle, Glass Sausage Ornament and of course the Jimmy Dean Sausage Scented Wrapping Paper. A whole line of Jimmy Dean sausage holiday gifts to choose from. I have to get some paper, but I'm leaning towards the Glass Sausage Ornament. That would look ever so epically festive on the tree!

All you have to do is visit the official Jimmy Dean website, pick your gift and enter to win. It's that easy! You'll want to hurry while supplies last, there's already a few gift items that are out of stock. I had a buddy last year who had the Jimmy Dean sausage scented wrapping paper and it was awesome.

It really does smell like their sausage, unfortunately it doesn't taste like their sausage. Yep, we tried it, just to see. So it might not taste very good, but it smells great! It really pairs well with pine tree, hot chocolate, cinnamon, gingerbread cookie, pumpkin spice and all the other Christmas scents you usually have in your house this time of year. The only downside is keeping the dogs away and the smell making you hungry.

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