A long time ago, a movie called "Borat" hit theater screens and introduced America to one of the most iconic bathing suits of all time. OK, the name of the movie wasn't "Borat," but when I say "Borat," you totally know what I'm talking about. Now, the world has been bestowed a second Borat movie... full transparency, I didn't enjoy the first one, probably won't watch the new one... That doesn't mean that it doesn't have a little influence around the world.

Kazakhstan sounds like one of those countries that was totally made up for a movie. It's just not known for much. Well, most people don't know it for much. It's actually the birthplace of the apple, which makes generic "pie" the most American thing, not so much apple pie. Better yet, we'll just keep claiming baseball.

Since the Borat films have somehow been popular, I assume it's because Sasha Baron Cohen has a cult following in just about every country, Kazakhstan has decided to leach off that popularity, adopting "Very Nice" as the official new slogan of Kazakh tourism. It's a brilliant move by the country, and oddly enough, it will probably lead to a spike in tourism.

If you've read my words before, there's not a single place in the world I wouldn't want to visit. Every country has it's own beauty, and I'm all about the new experiences with different cultures. I remember developing that thought as I was watching Jim Shockey go ibex hunting in Iran back in 2010, when Iran was hardcore painted to be an "evil" country that just wants to kill Americans. That's the lying media for you...

While the movie paints Kazakhstan as a s**thole, every country has at least one area of development filled with its own unique style. Even North Korea has the vibrant, if not completely fabricated Pyongyang. The middle east is no different, especially in those Northern Caucus countries that border Russia. Given, the tourism board specifically picked the locales they advertise based on the beauty, but every country has to have its own must-see experiences.

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