Say it ain't so, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is taking their potato wedges off the menu. Man this year just keeps getting worse and worse, when will it end? We've had pandemics, riots and now this. The KFC potato wedge is a mainstay, or at least used to be. I never thought I'd live to see this day. Get 'em while you still can.

I'll miss the KFC potato wedge and all it's golden brown goodness, dipping them in brown gravy or even better Ranch Dressing. Oh' yeah that's a thing at least in my house if you've never tried it you're missing out. Sure the mashed potatoes are great and all the other sides, well except for coleslaw. By the way who eats this stuff? That's what they should have taken off the menu and left the potato wedges alone. I'm just gonna say it coleslaw is garbage in my honest, humble non-biased opinion. We're all entitled to them.

So what may you ask are they replacing the potato wedge with? Good question and you're never gonna believe this. They're replacing them with their own special brand and recipe of french fries. Yes, french fries. WTH! Do we really need another type of fry? I don't think so especially when you think about how limited our options are when it comes to potato wedges. Not a lot of restaurants or fast food places serve them. Okay, maybe the fries won't be that bad and I'll actually like them, I'll give them a shot. But why couldn't we have both? Is it too much to ask? I'm guessing so since no one at KFC HQ called me and asked for my input and suggestions.

I'm not the only one either, the inter-webs and all the socials are swept up in a massive movement of like minded individuals who are mad as hell about this and we're not gonna take it laying down. Well at least 2 or 3 of us anyway, but we're recruiting if you're interested. We meet on Tuesday's and talk potato wedges, it's fascinating!

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