Customers were horrified to find out that three employees of their local Kentucky Fried Chicken were bathing in the sink of their favorite eatery! Check out the photos and video! Let's see the last time I took a bath in the kitchen sink was when I was probably about 2-years-old or at least that is what my parents tell me. I guess I really haven't felt the need to bathe in the sink not too mention I just plain don't fit in there anymore. However, the thought never occurred to me that I should find a job at a fast food restaurant and sit my rear-end that thing. So thank you to the three young, scantly clad bathing beauties from Anderson, Ca. for showing me that my dream, if I still have it, can come true provided I find a job at a KFC.

These three ladies er well, yeah I guess, ladies commemorated the night by snapping "provocative" pictures of themselves getting a wash in the KFC kitchen sink. When customers were shown pictures of the cutesie girls all covered up in neon bras and industrial strength bubbles they were horrified including the young manager of the establishment.

Now, I am here to offer a different perspective and one that you might have had already but I will move forward with my thought. Yes, these young persons should have better common sense than to do something like this and especially to post it on the internet, it could have been A LOT worse! Let's face it the food is not prepared in the kitchen sink of KFC nor were there any serving utensils present, at least that we could see, in the published photographs. And we know that they are, or were that night, very clean because hopefully they showered before their shift at KFC and then they had the wild night in the KFC kitchen sink, bubbles and all!

What do you think should have happened to these girls?