January 25th and 26th, KFC is including a free drone with select meal boxes, kind of. Yes, you can disassemble your KFC box and build a complete, ready to fly, free drone from the parts... if you live in India.

It appears that the Colonels chicken is a tough sell in the land of a billion people. Now you might say, "Well isn't India a vegetarian country?" and the answer is no. There is a considerable portion of the population that considers themselves vegetarian and/or vegan, up to 40% in some studies. But that means some 600 million others are still consuming some sort of meat. Odds are, it isn't cow due to slaughtering restrictions and Hinduism. Probably also not pork given the enormous Islamic populations also. So it has to be something, and KFC will do anything to break into that market.

If you really wanted your own KFC drone, odds are, you'll find it on Ebay within a week or two.

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