This has to be one of the strangest pumpkin spice creations ever. Kraft is offering a limited edition pumpkin spice macaroni and cheese just in time for Fall. Last week we heard the news that Kraft was unleashing this festive Fall food in Canada, we thought for a minute that we'd been left out. Luckily for us they decided to do it in the U.S. as well. After all it doesn't get more 'Merica than Mac and Cheese.

The new pumpkin spice flavored Kraft macaroni and cheese won't be available in stores. It's a limited edition sort of thing. We have to enter to win a FREE BOX. Time is running out, the contest or giveaway ends tomorrow Tuesday, August 29th 2020 (09-29-20). To enter all you have to do is Tweet a message to @KraftMacNCheese and use the hashtags #PumpkinSpiceKMC and #Sweepstakes.

Who knows you might just be a winner. I'm not too sure about pumpkin spice mac and cheese, but who knows it could be delicious. It sounds weird and a combination that normally wouldn't mix, I'd still like to try it for myself. We've seen some crazy pumpkin spice products and creations over the years like pumpkin spice Spam, dryer sheets, perfumes, under arm deodorant, lotions, breakfast cereals and even candy corn. It seems they'll put pumpkin spice into just about anything and it seems people will buy it.


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