The Eccles family of Lawton started putting up Christmas lights last year and like many, set the display to music. The family soon learned that they could do a lot of good with the display they had built; when the lights went up last year, the Eccles started receiving some feedback that they weren't expecting.
"Somebody posted on our Facebook page last year do you guys take donations for a charity," Matthew Eccles said.

The family felt that donations could be a great way to serve those less fortunate. So their display became more than just your average holiday light show; it allowed the Eccles family to take their holiday somewhere special, in order to give back to the Lawton community.

Through accepting food items and then donating those items to the Lawton Food Bank, the family hopes to help those lest fortunate in the Lawton/Ft. Sill area. Last year they were able to donate over a hundred cans of food it received through the holiday display. This year, the Eccles family hope to raise almost four times that amount to help feed those in the Lawton community who need it the most.

To accommodate the light show, the Eccles family has had to changes to their home, including building a circuit box and even making physical modifications to the house so it could handle all the electricity. With approximately 2,100 feet of cables giving power to the twelve-thousand lights, the family began working in October to complete the display in time for the Christmas season.

No donation or fee to view the display, though the family will be accepting donations outside the home for donation to the Lawton Food Bank on January 9th. You can music to the festivities by tuning in 99.1 on your vehicle's fm radio dial.

Source: KSWO Lawton

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