We've all seen the videos on YouTube where a vlogger passes out cash to the homeless or does something nice for someone else seemingly without the expectation of reward. There's dozens if not hundreds of these supposed "feel good faith in humanity" type videos on the interwebs, but are they really? This video will help provide some insight.

I just saw one where a YouTuber gives a homeless man $100.00 them secretly follows him around to see and video what he spends the money on. In this video the man helps others and shares what's been given to him and he did it without capturing it all on camera! Are these YouTubers doing this to actually help people, or are they doing it for the spotlight and views?

It's like Mom always said "recognition sought isn't earned." Don't get me wrong helping others is always a good thing but doing it so people can see you doing it is in my opinion douchey. After seeing this video it looks like a lot of people feel the same way.

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