It's the feel-good story of the year and the makings of what would be an awesome made-for-TV movie special. A story of love, adventure, kindness, triumph, and glory. The epic true tale of "Buckethead" the dog.


For the past 4 days, the Lawton, Fort Sill community has been trying to find and help this stray dog who had a bucket stuck on his head. He was first spotted back on Tuesday (04-04-23) and has finally been freed.

The good news was immediately shared on the Lawton Grapevine Facebook groups, both the private and public pages. The Lawton Grapeview and its members were largely responsible for "Buckethead's" rescue.

Lawton Grapevine a local Facebook group was instrumental in helping "Buckethead." Lawton Grapevine (Emmanuel Alfaro & Jennie Brisby) Lawton Grapevine (Emmanuel Alfaro & Jennie Brisby)

Throughout the 4 day period, people organized and shared information on Lawton Grapevine's public and private groups in an attempt to locate and assist the dog. Scheduling searches and sharing updates.


If you've been on Facebook at all over the past couple of days and are a member of the Lawton Grapevine you probably heard of "Buckethead." Even better, the story has a happy ending and the dog is now free at last.

It was great to see the community come together and help this poor dog. It was also great to see social media being used in such a meaningful and humanitarian way. For all its faults it has its good points too.

After 4 long days the bucket was finally removed, "Buckethead" is now FREE! Lawton Grapevine (Sean Brady) Lawton Grapevine (Sean Brady)

People all over Lawton, Fort Sill were out looking for "Buckethead" and hoping to help him. In the end that's just what happened. Jennie Brisby and a group of teens managed to find him and get the bucket off his head.


Not sure what his real name is, but we can't call him "Buckethead" any more thanks to Jennie Brisby and a group of caring teens. I'm sure despite being scared he's happy and finally able to eat and drink again.

To all those who helped and spent their time searching and trying to rescue "No Longer Called Buckethead" and to the Lawton Grapevine's public and private groups and membership. Job well done, we thank you!

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