Much like anything else in this world, you give a sport enough time, it'll eventually come to Lawton. Say what you want about drifting and import cars, they've kept the auto culture alive and thriving in America this century. So what exactly is going down at the fair grounds this weekend? While details are sort of muddy from the description, it seems to be an event that you can either watch or participate in, even if you don't have a drift car yourself.

The real story to this is the cool factor of doing it inside the Expo building down at Comanche County Fair Grounds. If you live or have ever driven through Lawton, you already know that inside that building is the only good pavement in the entire city aside from the new parking lots at the two new Lawton shopping centers downtown and on the West side, and an event like this in those busy lots might be a hard sell for the property owners. So naturally, the Expo is the only place to host such an event.

Along side the drifting, there will be a car show and burnout contest. We'll see if the same zombie truck that wins most of the burnout contests in this area remains king again, if it shows. One of the coolest things about this is, even if you don't have a drift car, you can get in on the fun of this sport as a passenger. Take a few hot laps just to see what it's like. Of course, if you do have a drift car, it's open to you too if you can pony up the cash.



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