Things are starting to take shape out on the west side of town preparing for the opening of the all-new Burlington. It will be located in the Lawton Marketplace at 1732 N.W. 82nd Street. It won't be long now.


We stopped by today to take a look and see how things are coming along. Construction crews are working around the clock inside and out getting everything ready. Before you know it it'll be the grand opening.

Not too sure exactly when that will be, but from the looks of things it won't be too much longer. We could be seeing the new Burlington open as soon as this summer, or fall. Hopefully, it's open before winter 2023.

The new Burlington at Lawton Marketplace on 82nd street will be opening soon

TSM Lawton: Critter
TSM Lawton: Critter

There are signs up along 82nd Street for Burlington "coming soon" and if you're interested they're hiring. You can text "RETAIL" to 97211 to apply. You can also visit the official Burlington website by clicking here.


Along with the new Burlington, Lawton Marketplace will also be home to the second location of Bath & Body Works in town. That should be open sometime in spring 2023. You can get all the details about this here.

There are also rumors that Old Navy and The Gap will be opening locations there as well. Old Navy will relocate from the Central Plaza from what we're hearing and be joined by The Gap in the Lawton Marketplace.

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