If you're looking for a horrifying holiday experience to help get you into the Christmas spirit check out the Trail of Fear Scream Park in Lawton, OK. and their Night of the Krampus: Darkness Rises haunted holiday horror attraction. It opens for the 2023 holiday season this Friday and Saturday, December 1st and 2nd.


After Halloween Lawton's Trail of Fear turns into the Trail of Cheer. It switches from Halloween to Christmas and from horror to holiday. There are all kinds of festive family fun, activities, and attractions to experience.

If you're looking for a horrifying holiday experience check out Lawton, OK's Trail of Fear

Facebook.com- Trail of Fear Scream Park
Facebook.com- Trail of Fear Scream Park

The Trail of Cheer is a great place to take the family and for kids of all ages. The midway is filled with games, events, performances, and tasty treats and eats. But if you're looking to get scared they can hook you up.


Halloween is best known for its horror and frights, but Christmas has its fair share of terror and scares too. Take for example the ghosts from 'A Christmas Carol' and of course the dreaded tale and legend of Krampus.

Hit play on the video below to learn more about the legend of Krampus

Head to the Trail of Fear Scream Park located at 11101 Southeast Lee Blvd. in Lawton, OK. and experience a holiday of horrors with Night of the Krampus: Darkness Rises. That is if you think you're brave enough.


For more information, dates/times, and to purchase advance tickets visit the official Trail of Fear website, or you can check them out on Facebook. Live the nightmare and legend of Krampus this holiday season.

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