You'd be surprised at just how many ghost stories and rumored hauntings Lawton, Fort Sill has. Throughout the Halloween season, we've been reporting on all the terrifying towns and creepy cities in the state that claim to have active paranormal and supernatural locations. Lawton, Fort Sill is one of those places.

The most haunted area or place in Lawton, Fort Sill is downtown. There are more ghost stories and reported sightings there than anywhere else. I've lived here for over 35 plus years and I'm familiar with most of the alleged haunted locations in downtown. If you've been here a while you may have heard some of these stories. While Lawton, Fort Sill is best known for its rich history and people, we also have a few scary tales.


So what is it about downtown Lawton that makes it such a popular place for spirits and paranormal activity? Most would say it's past. Downtown Lawton didn't always look the way it does now. Before the mall was built and all the buildings were torn down it was a wild and crazy place. Oldtimers tell of all the saloons, dance halls, whore houses, and other establishments that once stood in downtown. It was the wild, wild West.

Back in the day, downtown Lawton had quite the reputation. More than a few people met their end. There were shootings, murders, and all kinds of violence that took place in downtown Lawton. Even in more modern times, it's seen more than its fair share of violence and murder. Are the ghosts of the past haunting downtown Lawton? Check out the photo gallery below to hear some of these scary ghost stories:

The Dreadful Downtown Hauntings of Lawton, OK.

When it comes to ghost tales and hauntings Lawton, Fort Sill has more than a few scary stories to tell. The most active hauntings and paranormal/supernatural occurrences that have been reported seem to be centered around downtown Lawton. If you've lived here a while I'm sure you've heard a few of these terrifying tales yourself. If not check out the photo gallery below of the dreadful downtown hauntings of Lawton, OK.

Gallery Credit: Don "Critter" Brown

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Oklahoma's Infamous Haunted Grisso Mansion

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Sporting four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a ballroom, and 11,000 square feet of living space, you too could have your own up-close experience with the woman and child ghosts that are rumored to still be wandering the villa today.

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