Over the weekend I had to go to Walmart on the West side at 6301 N.W. Quannah Parker Trail Way for a quick snack and grocery run. I had a few more items than normal so instead of self checkout I went to a regular line with a cashier. As she was ringing up all my items she said "Pretty soon you won't be able to do this." I asked what she was talking about and she told me that by the end of April or beginning of May Walmart on the West side will be 100% self-checkout, no more cashiers. I asked if she was going to be able to keep her job and she said yes, that she would be assisting customers at self-checkout. 

I have to say I'm not too happy about this. Sure I'll use the self-checkout, I already do when I don't have a bunch of stuff. However, when I have a full basket I prefer to go through a manned checkout line with a cashier to be rung up and have my groceries sacked. I know a lot of people like me who use both and like having the choice. As you can imagine this has caused a bit of controversy and heated discussion. Right now the debate, more like argument, is pretty evenly split. Some could care less and have no problem with self-check out only. Others are very upset and prefer to have cashiers ring them up and bag their groceries. Even going so far as to say they'd never shop at Walmart again if they did away with cashiers.

Walmart has been testing out cashier-less stores to see just how it works and how the general public likes, or dislikes it. A Walmart Superstore in Fayetteville, Arkansas was the first to try it out. Sure it would save Walmart some money, but the primary reason given for the change is to speed up checkout times, give customers more choice and control over their shopping experience.

Along with self-checkout only stores, Walmart has also brought back "Scan & Go." They tried it a few years ago and it just didn't work out, but times and technology have changed since then and the new and improved Scan & Go is working pretty well. Basically you use the Walmart app, shop in store and use your phone to checkout. There's lots of different options for shopping and checking out at Walmart. There's a lot of people who are using pick up and delivery, which is super convenient and super easy.

What do you think about Walmart on the West side going 100% self checkout and doing away with manned checkout lanes and cashiers? Take the poll and let us know your thoughts.

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