You know, I'm not sure if the recent pandemic liquor rule changes have anything to do with this, but a little piece of my home state is popping up at Sheridan and Ferris... A to-go daiquiri and mixed drink stand... well, not exactly a "stand," but you get what I'm saying.

If you've ever spent time in Louisiana, surely you've either passed or driven through a daiquiri stand. It's like a snow-cone stand, but they serve adult beverages to-go.

"But wait, how is that not against the law?"

Pipe down Susan, I'll explain.

In Louisiana, while it's illegal to consume your mixed to-go drink while driving in the car, it's not illegal to have in your possession if you're of legal drinking age. Here's the catch, the daiquiri stands in Louisiana will leave the top portion of wrapper on your straw, so technically, it's not an open container until you remove it. Nice Ice Baby will probably do something similar, but more conclusive that just a wrapped straw.

Nice Ice Baby
Courtesy of Nice Ice Baby

Now I don't know for sure, and I'm totally spitballing here, but I'm assuming that with the quickly adopted new liquor law amendments Oklahoma and the ABLE Commission has adopted and allowed restaurants to serve to-go orders, it's no different for a mixed drink place. Again, I have no idea, I've put zero research into the topic, so I decided to reach out and gain some information straight from the source.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Candy Hanza at Nice Ice Baby the other day, and she filled me in on the details surrounding a Lawton first, adult beverages to-go. When asked if the changing liquor laws in a covid-pandemic world is what allowed this type of business to come about, her answer was yes and no. While the business model can't completely mirror those in Louisiana, the similarities are there. Here's the cool thing, whether you walk in, take it away, or pull up curbside, you'll be able to order whatever you want in sizes up to half a gallon. Whether it's a daiquiri, margarita, pina colada, hurricane... It's all good. Here's another twist, Candy said you can enjoy a little adult frozen yogurt too.

While Nice Ice Baby is still waiting to clear the final piece of red tape, it will be opening very soon. Be sure to find them on facebook so you don't miss that moment.

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