There is one business that continues to flourish no matter how unstable the American economy seems to become: prostitution. And while lawmakers are currently struggling to figure out ways to keep the country from tipping right over the fiscal cliff, there are some that believe the solution lies in legalizing and taxing the sex trade.

Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada says that the government needs to seriously consider getting into more “recession proof," taxable business, like prostitution. "I pay about $350,000 a year in taxes," said Hof. "The government can have that money or they can spend a fortune on a vice squad. I can support my community or I can take away from the community by having an illegal sex trade."

That might not be a bad idea considering recent reports have found that regardless of its legal stature, prostitution generates nearly $30 billion a year worldwide. "People are making billions on the sex trade in America and no government is making any money off of it, except in some places in Nevada," said Hof. "You can't stop it. Prohibition doesn't work and legalization can solve a lot of our problems."

Hof adds that legalized prostitution is more than just about selling sex; it more about the “adventure” and having fun.

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