Legend Driven auto group is looking to recognize and award local and area leaders in the community. The Legend Driven Leadership Award is open to everyone. They'd like to award $1,500 once a month to a deserving person who is making a difference in the community. If you know of a "legendary leader" you can nominate them for the award. There are so so many people I can think of who are deserving of this.

Nominations are being accepted right now for the Legend Driven Leadership Award. To nominate someone all you have to do is send a quick email to LegendDrivenLeaders@LegendDriven.com. Include a little bit about the person your nominating and some of the things they're doing to help others and make Lawton, Fort Sill a better place to live. It can be anyone you think deserves it, not to mention the $1,500 award.

There are so many people I can think of to nominate for this that do so much for others. From military families, volunteers, teachers, fire and police to good neighbors and people who just always seem to go above and beyond. It's time we thank and recognize these special people for all they've done and continue to do for the Lawton, Fort Sill community. Surely there's someone who comes to mind you can nominate.

So lets do our part and submit a nomination to LegendDrivenLeaders@LegendDriven.com for the Legend Driven Leadership Award. Who knows your nomination may be chosen for one of the monthly $1,500 awards. A BIG THANKS to Legend Driven for doing this, it's a really awesome thing to do!

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