If like me you're bored to death and looking for something, anything to do, I may have a solution. The family and I were sitting around trying to think of an activity we can all do together and that doesn't cost too much, even better if it's free! Well after we starting listing "things to do" hiking came up and everyone agreed we'd hit the trails. It's the perfect weekend activity and will get us all outdoors and moving!

Living in S.W. Oklahoma we're literally surrounded with great hiking, camping and outdoor activities galore. With the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge right here and only a few miles away why not take the short drive and get some quality time off the pavement and even get some exercise and fresh air too!

I've lived here in Lawton, Fort Sill for most of my life and have been to the refuge hundreds of times, but there's still plenty of places to explore. It surprises me how many people who live here that have never been to the mountains, even some who were born here. It's a great place to visit and unwind and there's tons of different places to go, activities and incredible views to take in.

A great place to start is www.TravelOk.com they have pages and pages of places you can go to hike and camp. From beginner to advance trails and everything in between. You can also visit the official website of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. They even have guided hikes and special group hikes you can be a part of.

It's great to get outdoors, spend some time with family and friends and get some fresh air and exercise all at the same time. There's only so much binge watching you can do before you run out of things and get bored. So let's hit the trails in 2021!

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