Wichita Mountains

It’s Reopened- Time to Take a Trip Up Mount Scott!
Yesterday Kelso and I decided to take a quick lunch break and head to the mountains. It's been forever since I've driven through the refuge, not to mention up Mount Scott. All the road repairs have been completed and Mt. Scott is officially reopened. We made a quick stop, grabbed some lun…
Let’s Hit the Trails in 2021
If like me you're bored to death and looking for something, anything to do I may have a solution. The family and I were sitting around trying to think of an activity we can all do together and that doesn't cost too much, even better if it's free! Well after we starting listing "t…
The Holy City of the Wichitas Could Be Shutting Down
The Holy City of the Wichitas could be closing due to financial challenges. The Holy City operates and is open thanks to donations from visitors and of course a lot of those visitors come for the annual Easter pageant "The Price of Peace." With the COVID-19 pandemic last year the pageant w…
The Wichita's - Week 5
While it's hard to tell on film, the fall yellows and oranges are starting to finally show up in the Wichita's. Within the next week or two, it should be prime for driving.
Wichita's Fall Colors
As we expected, the last week of cool overnight temps and sunshiny days have the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge changing into its Autumn tux.
Incredible Drone Footage of the Wichita Mountains [VIDEO]
It's Z94's very first drone video! We were all excited to get started and there was really only one place we could think of going to do our first video, the Wichita Mountains! The footage your about to see has been described by us as breathtaking, majestic and inspiring.
The Prairie Dog
I spent an evening in the Wichita Mountains the other day, and took a GoPro along with me. Came across these little guys, and they were pretty vocal about it.

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