May is designated as National Foster Care Month and Lawton First Assembly is hosting an Adoption & Foster Care Support Interest Meeting.

This month is reserved for honoring foster parents, families and those who support finding a permanent home for children. To those who go above and beyond to provide children with a safe, loving and supportive environment, you are extremely & deservedly praiseworthy.

It’s a whole mood (I would imagine for #life) to focus on the physical and emotional needs of foster children in their care; as well as continuously showing compassion for the long term goals of these kids as well. Foster parents are able to do all of this while still caring for the overall health of the entire family in every sense of the phrase.

That is why this meeting at Lawton First Assembly on May 25th at 1pm is so vital. It is particularly crucial for foster children in need and to those interested in joining other dedicated guardians, caseworkers, counselors, advocates and foster parents in this admirable plight. There is a dire need in all areas of foster care.

In order to observe National #FosterCareMonth, “please support those who provide care and, if you can, please consider being a foster parent.The best way to start is to be knowledgeable and informed in all aspects of the foster care process. You can do this by attending the information session that LFA is hosting.

According to their website:

Special guest Airika Blankenship of Backyard Orphans will be there to discuss and plan LFA’s future involvement in supporting adoptions, the foster care process, and those involved in it.

You can attend the Adoption & Foster Care Support Interest Meeting on May 25th from 1p-3:30p, at Lawton First Assembly located at 2201 NW 82nd St.

If you have any questions, please

You can also visit for more info.

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