Iron Maiden's new album, Senjutsu, is out now (as of midnight local time, Sept. 3) and can be streamed in its entirety.

The 10-track record is the 17th full length from the heavy metal legends and their second consecutive double album, following in the footsteps of 2015's The Book of Souls. A majority of the record was written by founding bassist Steve Harris, who penned four songs, each over nine minutes, himself and co-wrote three others — two with guitarist Janick Gers and one with six-stringer Adrian Smith.

Smith, the second leading contributor on Senjutsu also authored three other songs with singer Bruce Dickinson — "The Writing on the Wall," "Days of Future Past" and "Darkest Hour." The first of that bunch was issued as the debut single following a brilliant and cryptic teaser campaign that led to the debut of the animated music video, which was loaded with over 20 Maiden-specific Easter eggs.

Fortunately, for fans, once that first song dropped, it would only be another seven weeks before all 82 minutes of Senjutsu was unleashed, with "Stratego," a Harris/Gers co-write further satiating the need to hear new Maiden tunes before Sept. 3.

After a six-year wait, another seven weeks hardly felt like any time at all, but that's perhaps because we received an advanced copy of the record to best serve up a track-by-track guide and review, clueing fans in as to what could be expected on the highly-anticipated release.

Our Zoom interview with Bruce Dickinson further informed fans on what Senjutsu held within it's 10 hallowed tracks, too.

But now, the wait is finally over, so stream Senjutsu in full directly below and, if you haven't already, get your copy here.

Iron Maiden, Senjutsu — Full Album Spotify Stream

Iron Maiden, Senjutsu Album Art + Track Listing

Iron Maiden, 'Senjutsu'

01." Senjutsu" (8:20) Smith/Harris
02. "Stratego" (4:59) Gers/Harris
03. "The Writing On The Wall" (6:13) Smith/Dickinson
04. "Lost In A Lost World" (9:31) Harris
05. "Days Of Future Past" (4:03) Smith/Dickinson
06. "The Time Machine" (7:09) Gers/Harris
07. "Darkest Hour" (7:20) Smith/Dickinson
08. "Death Of The Celts" (10:20) Harris
09. "The Parchment" (12:39) Harris
10. "Hell On Earth" (11:19) Harris

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