Time to jump in the old trusty Z94 "Soul Reaper" Kia and head to Pryor, OK. for Rocklahoma 2021. There's nothing quite like a road trip to a concert, even better when it's a three day, three stage live music festival. It's been far too long since I've been able to go to any shows, concerts or festivals. I'm more than ready for this. I've got that entirely too damn excited, about to piss myself kinda feeling going on. Let's do this!

I know we're all ready for this and it's been forever since we've be able to get together and hang out at Rocklahoma. It's a lot more than just a festival, it's a family reunion! The family and I are all packed and ready to hit the open road. It's about a 3 1/2 to 4 hour trip from Lawton, Fort Sill to Pryor, OK. Luckily for us there's plenty of EZ-GO convenience stores along the way. We plan to makes stops and take our time so we can enjoy the ride. That's part of the experience and anticipation of going to shows and festivals.


Thanks to EZ-GO for sponsoring the "Road to Rocklahoma" this year, we really appreciate it. They came through BIG TIME and will keep the family and I in snacks, drinks and the Soul Reaper gassed up the whole way there. EZ-GO has several convenient stores between Lawton, Fort Sill and Pryor so if you need a break, snack, drink or a quick gas refill they're right off the highway. It's going to be a great trip and an even better Labor Day weekend. Getting there is part of the fun. Enjoying the AC while we can!

If you're going to Rocklahoma make sure you stop by "Radio Row." Z94 will be there broadcasting live all Labor Day weekend. We'll be bringing you all the front row and backstage action and insanity that is Rocklahoma.  So swing by, hang out and be a part of the ROK21 festival live music get down. Alright It's time to crank the Soul Reaper and hit the highway, hope to see you there. If you're coming have a safe trip.

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