(NOTE: The unedited video below contains adult language and is Not Safe For Work)

Little girls drop “F-Bombs for Feminism” in this controversial video created by fckh8.com. In the video several "potty-mouthed princesses" ask the question:

"What is more offensive — a little girl saying f--k, or the f---ing unequal and sexist way society treats girls and women?"

The video attempts to educate adults and promote anti-sexism, but the message is lost on many who say the ad goes too far by exploiting young girls instead of empowering them.

While sexism and sexual assault certainly are real issues, using innocent young girls who likely do not completely understand the anger toward boys they are portraying, and the adult words they are using is not the best way to get the message across. The end does not justify the means.

Watch it and tell us what you think in the comments below!

By the way, fckh8.com is a for-profit T-shirt company. So there's that.

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