What do you get when you mix one of the worst shark movies ever deemed a "blockbuster" with a ton of skill and craftsmanship? An epic diorama. Think back to your elementary school days... what grade were you in when you did dioramas for a grade? I believe I mine was in second grade, and the topic was dinosaurs. Not sure if that's because dinosaur exploration and discovery was still so new in Oklahoma, or if it was the availability of plastic dinosaurs on the cheap in the kids section of every store in America, but it was all about em.

Things were incredibly different in the 90's. We didn't have access to these fancy two-part casting epoxies and such. We took white glue and dirt and made things work. Did that stop us from making oceanscapes? Of course not. I remember in sixth-ish grade, the class did had to pick a person from history to do a report on. I drew Jacques Cousteau... the legendary original modern renaissance man of ocean discovery and photography... When the teacher insisted we create something to include in a presentation, we didn't have casting resin to create epic dioramas... I traced myself on a big sheet of butcher paper, colored in a divers mask and scuba tanks, covered the whole thing in blue saran wrap and called it good. I got an A, though, looking back, perhaps my mom and dad really earned that A.

When your kids get these types of assignments in the coming years, at least you have the entire internet to scope out ideas and how-tos. This dude deserves gold.

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