Trevor Runyon took a trip to the grocery store no one will soon forget.

Runyon, 30, was arrested for breaking into a supermarket overnight in Mount Washington, Kentucky and enjoying the type of culinary bonanza usually reserved for Russian weddings.

The manager of ValuMarket walked into work on Monday morning to find 57 empty whipped cream cans in the trash before Runyon was located in the store’s ceiling.

Surveillance video caught Runyon chowing down so much it looked like he was warming for a Memorial Day barbecue. He cooked half a dozen steaks, drank some beer and then put the finishing touches on his caloric fiesta with some shrimp and birthday cake. All part of a healthy diet -- if you’re an ogre.

Like a lot of people who’ve had a big meal, Runyon needed to catch some Zs afterwards. The only difference is he did it in the store’s ceiling. Considering how much he ate, Runyon had better have kept his fingers crossed that his cell had a toilet.

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