Recently Walmart started issuing citations and involving authorities when customers make mistakes or attempt to shoplift items while using their self-checkout lines. The crackdown is due to all the unpaid merchandise that is leaving the store by customers using self-checkout and not paying for their purchase.

At this time we're unsure how widespread this crackdown is and if there are any Walmarts in Oklahoma that are now issuing citations. Nor could we find any official statements that outlined the policies and procedures that are being used. We do know that they are currently taking steps to help control inventory and theft.

So you'll definitely want to make sure you're thorough and accurate when using Walmart's self-checkout or you could end up getting a citation, fine, or possibly be arrested for shoplifting. There have already been reports of people being cited, fined or arrested for not paying for all their items at checkout. So beware!

More often than not it's people shoplifting versus an honest mistake. But that hasn't stopped some people from complaining and insisting that they made a mistake and weren't shoplifting. I'm sure Walmart and law enforcement can easily determine which is true. However, it wouldn't hurt to slow down and make sure each and every item is being rung up and paid for before you head towards the door. It really isn't that hard to do.

I prefer to use self-checkout when I only have a few small items. If it's a full basket and I'm doing a month's worth of grocery shopping or I have any big-ticket items I always go through the regular checkout line with an associate just to be safe. It's easier that way, at least for me. Or you could always order online and pick it up.

I'm sure the citations and/or fines that are being issued are from law enforcement instead of Walmart itself. Or at least that makes more sense. I doubt Walmart could just issue a fine or write you a citation. They can however involve the authorities and even ban you from the property if they feel you're stealing merchandise.

Oklahoma has some of the biggest and most profitable Walmarts in the entire country, so it wouldn't surprise me if the Walmart "Self Checkout Crackdown" isn't already happening in the Sooner State. If not, it will be soon. How will we know? Easy, we'll be hearing all kinds of excuses from all the people who made an "honest mistake." Not to say that couldn't happen, but really 99.99% of the time it's shoplifting plain and simple!

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