Have you ever wanted to just drop everything, and follow your dreams?  Well, that’s exactly what one man from Utah did.

Last year, Isaiah Glen Shields decided to quit his job in corporate finance, and go on the adventure of a lifetime.  Not only did Shields want to explore everything that this country has to offer, but he wanted to go on an unforgettable journey.  He then turned his dreams into a reality, and decided to walk across the country.

In May of 2021, Shields started his journey in Provo, Utah.  He then actually traveled by foot to the west coast of Washington.  As soon as he hit the ocean, he decided to head east, exploring a variety of different states.

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After walking across the country for a total of 206 days, he finally arrived in the Lone Star State.  He spent the 228th day of his journey in Wichita Falls, traveling along Seymour Highway. When he arrived to the city, he had walked in 10 different states, and traveled over 4,000 miles on foot.

While hiking through Wichita Falls, Shields commented on how friendly everyone was, Not only did local residents offer him food and clothes, but someone even offered him a place to stay in Iowa Park.  He also said that his journey isn’t over yet, and that he has at least 3,000 miles left to travel.  Once he leaves Texas, he plans on walking down to the Florida Keys, and back up to the east coast towards Maine.

You can track Shield’s adventure by following him on Instagram, and subscribing to his YouTube channel.

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