What you're seeing is the storied Hart Island in the Atlantic waterways on the Northwest side of The Bronx, NYC. I say storied because it has quite the extensive past. Used as a place to train troops, heal the sick, help the crazy, and most recently to bury the dead.

From the Wikipedia page:

The island's first public use was as a training ground for the United States Colored Troops in 1864. Since then, Hart Island has been the location of a Union Civil War prison camp, a psychiatric institution, a tuberculosis sanatorium, a potter's field, a homeless shelter, a boys' reformatory, a jail, and a drug rehabilitation center.

Since 1985, Hart Island has been used as a burial ground to those who have been infected by one virus or another. First used in this fashion to bury those who died from HIV/AIDS. Even then, they had been burying unclaimed bodies there for decades, but when the HIV/AIDS victims were laid to rest, they were quarantined off from the main cemetery for fear of contaminating other corpses. It's a truly weird read on Wiki.

In the last week, we've seen pictures and videos of medical professionals loading hoards of bodies into refrigerated trucks. Like a scene from a movie, people just doing their best to put these cadavers anywhere they could. Having the largest population, it's only natural NYC would have the largest amount of deaths. So what does the city do with these people? How are they treated deceased victims of Covid-19? Officially, they have no official answer just yet.

It would be only a case of bad timing for this video. People are sensitive and quick to assume the worst case scenario. Just for posterity, Hart Island has been used as a potters field (a place of burial for unknown and unclaimed people) with mass graves since the Civil War.


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