You know, I'll never admit that the last year-plus of pandemic was bad. For the first time in my radio career I suddenly had every weekend off. I never had to make excuses why I couldn't go to events. There was no public expectation at all because everything was canceled and everything else seemed like it was either closed or running those limited hours. I repainted my house, did a bunch of projects, and genuinely made the most of a really crappy year for the rest of the world. That being said, I think it's safe to say things are just about back to normal in Southwest Oklahoma.

I was catching up with some family members this past weekend and they were pretty excited that Medicine Park was reopening. At least that's what they had heard. In talking with other people around town, everybody is saying the same thing. So instead of listening to Karen's complain that there's nothing to do in Southwest Oklahoma, pass this along.

What's in Medicine Park you ask? Well, if you've forgotten, here's the few places I remember, it's been so long ago. The Old Plantation restaurant is out there. It's one of the few places left anywhere that serves a truly good chicken fried steak. I'm pretty sure there's a taco hut out there too that does street tacos. Kayak rentals are available if you want to stretch out your sea legs. My nephews really loved the ice cream shop that out there, I enjoyed the daiquiris. The aquarium is pretty neat too. If you get the chance you might check that out too. I've always wanted to stop at Happy Hollow, which I now know may not be the name of the place, but they have the rattlesnake sign right before you enter the refuge. It never looks open when I get out that way, but I see pics people snap there on social media. It looks cool. Don't let my small knowledge of Medicine Park keep you from going either, it's not just tacos and kayaks, MedPark is a cool little destination full of endless awesomeness. If you've never been, go and park somewhere out there and walk around. It's a hipsters dream.

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