While most rock fans highly contest and debate the point at which Metallica turned the corner on their career, I came across the one St. Anger fan on YouTube.

Sure, at this point, rock was in a wild place. It was still in that transition where everything was Nu-Metal... Rap rock, emo rock, the alt scene, acoustics everywhere, and Metallica whipped out this... and the entire rock community bailed.

They tried to make up for it with Death Magnetic... and the continue the healing process today with Hardwired To Self Destruct. Decent albums in their own rite, but it's hard to say when Metallica was at their pinnacle.

Some say the Cliff days were the only days. Others think it's after James got sober. Being a 90's fan, I though Load and Reload were their best albums to date. Like I said, everyone argues what Metallica was the best Metallica. Goes to show the depth and willingness to experiment in that band. You can't define them by one album. That's why they're the biggest to date.

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