Above all else, first lady Michelle Obama is a mom.

Obama stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday where they got to talking about moody kids. Obama and president hubby Barack, of course, are parents to 16-year-old Malia and Sasha, 13, while Letterman has 11-year-old son, Harry.

Letterman confided that Harry sometimes has a cloud pass over him and "All of a sudden, all we do is argue and reason escapes the planet!"

Obama can certainly relate, telling Letterman that phase will pass, but, she, too, is in the midst of it, although she wouldn't reveal which girl is the culprit. She did say the girl is a "Grumpy Cat," which doesn't seem like a fun name to have while living in the White House.

Obama also said Malia is now driving and happy to run errands, which is a pretty funny visual, right? Her dad is the leader of the free world and she's asking if she can run to the supermarket to pick up a loaf of bread.

It just goes to prove kids will be kids no matter where they are.

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