When you think about fishing in Oklahoma, the last species you may think about is trout. It's just so hot and our bodies of water are usually stale and stagnated by the time fall rolls around each year, you would never guess this state has some impressive trout fisheries.

Ok, ok... They're not natural fisheries, but it's a species that tend to get really active when the regular bite of our sportfish slows way down. The state works year-round to breed a few different species of trout, rainbow and browns so that every angler can enjoy the waters every week of the year.

Medicine Creek running through Medicine Park is our local trout fishery in Southwest Oklahoma. It's a solid change from the public fishing docks when the crappie size shrinks from overfishing. The best part is, it's pretty much like fishing for anything else.

In the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation trout guide, the experts recommend using things like Powerbait, salmon eggs, and scented trout worms to catch your daily limit of three... but if you're up for a challenge, you can technically use anything you want so long as you're only using a single pole and using barbless hooks.

It's the really cold and brutal weather days that I enjoy trout fishing the most. There are areas along Medicine Creek where you can build a campfire to warm up and cook a meal you pulled fresh out of the water. You can't beat a day like that.

Unfortunately, it's still just so dry that Comanche County officials just extended a ban on burning for at least another two weeks, at which time they'll come together again to evaluate our fire conditions.

All the same, while the burn ban specifically mentions campfires, it says nothing about little travel gas grills... it would be a good and safe workaround, but as delicious as trout is it just wouldn't be the same. Still, you could catch, clean, and freeze your fish for campfire cooking later when conditions improve.

If you have any questions about how to get started enjoying the outdoorsman's paradise that is Southwest Oklahoma, here are the regulations straight from ODWC.

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