It never ceases to amaze me how social media manages to make the world just a bit smaller.

Whether it was the millions protesting in Hong Kong which likely prompted China to release Covid, to the hijab protests in Iran last year--with a simple upload the whole world gets to weigh in on every conceptual situation that faces pretty much anyone else.

It's a crazy phenomenon that also happens in Oklahoma.

Fair warning, there's a little language in the video below...

@derekmeeks76♬ original sound - Derek Meeks

That's what a little case of road rage in Moore, Oklahoma looks like. According to social media, the calm driver making the fair point (Driver A) was allegedly cut off by the screaming guy (Driver B). As Driver A swapped lanes to go around, Driver B changed lanes also and the two had a collision, at which point Driver B is showing Driver A his war face.

@mortalhuman897 Show Me Your War Face #fullmetaljacket ♬ War Face - Jose Almonte

There's dashcam footage over on Reddit, but it's linked to someone's personal Google Drive, a very risky click in terms of internet security, but that's not what this post is all about... This is all about how the internet has a habit of making memes of everything, and TikTok didn't disappoint.

@joebdrums So many requests for this 😂 slaps or no? #metal #angry #foryou #fypシ ♬ original sound - Joe Button

@andrewmartinez_music #duet with @Nick Tokarchuk Who’s adding drums next 😂. #fypシ #getinyourcar #guitar #guitartok #guitarist #Metal #metaltok #heavymetal #guitarriff #riff ♬ original sound - Nick Tokarchuk

@the_last_username Replying to @kolacat this is the best i can do #roadrage ♬ When the dopamine hits - ADHDmemetherapy

@thebretcrowshow #duet with @DamePlays get in your car!! #Tiktokbassist #thebretcrowshow #bassistsoftiktok #bassplayers #jammingwithfriends #primustiktok #addingbasstoduets #bassplayersoftiktok #hardcoremusic #screaming #roadrage #hardcoreintro ♬ original sound - Bret Crow

Don't you just love the internet?

Million Dollar Castle For Sale In Edmond, Oklahoma

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You have to see the game room and outdoor entertaining space. Definite standouts.

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With just over 5300 square feet of living space, five well-appointed bedrooms, five bathrooms, two stories, a detached shop, plenty of lakefront, and your own personal dock... this looks like a dream out in the middle of nowhere. Unlike a lot of Oklahoma's most expensive homes, this one actually looks really well put together. Everything matches, one theme, etc... It's a rare case of the wealthy having good taste.

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