Ready for even more new photos and details from The Dark Tower? Good, because we have plenty. In addition to yesterday’s sneak peeks and exciting intel on the long-awaited adaptation, we have a handful of new photos featuring Idris Elba’s Gunslinger and his young companion Jake Chambers, played by newcomer Tom Taylor. The pics also give us a good look at Mid-World, the world beyond our own where the titular tower stands and an epic journey awaits.

EW revealed more new photos from The Dark Tower, the highly-anticipated adaptation of Stephen King’s sprawling novel series, which blends elements of western, fantasy, sci-fi and horror to tell the story of Gunslinger Roland Deschain and his quest to save the tower — and the universe — from destruction. Along the way, he’ll have help from Jake Chambers, a kid from our world who is plagued with visions of the tower and sinister forces. Those visions are a result of “the Shine,” a concept familiar to anyone who has seen (or read) The Shining.

That’s not the only connection to other King books that you’ll find in The Dark Tower — as fans of the series well know, the story serves as a brilliant culmination of the author’s oft-visited themes and tropes. The titular tower itself is a metaphor for King’s mind, and the many beams that connect the various worlds represent the connections between the author’s novels. “All things serve the beam” is a frequently repeated phrase in The Dark Tower, and one that signifies how King’s stories all spring from and serve a singular creative purpose.

So of course the film adaptation will feature connections to his other works, but since Sony doesn’t have the rights to all of them, much of these references will be sort of hidden — like easter eggs.

First is the obvious: The Shine, which connects to The Shining and its lesser sequel, Doctor Sleep. Matthew McConaughey also presents a fairly direct connection in the role of the villainous Walter, aka the Man in Black, a character who also appears under the alias Randall Flagg in The Stand and Eyes of the Dragon.

Hearts in Atlantis — which was also adapted into a film — features a character named Ted Brautigan, a powerful psychic who is kidnapped by the Low Men and put to work as a “Breaker” to destroy the tower. Ted also appears in Black House, the sequel to The Talisman that King co-wrote with Peter Straub. Unlike the first book, Black House — with its concept of flipping over to another, parallel world — is directly connected to The Dark Tower. Arcel’s film will feature a character similar to Ted, though the name will be changed.

Fans may also be wondering about Father Callahan, the troubled priest from Salem’s Lot who appears later in The Dark Tower and becomes part of Rolan’s Ka-tet. We already know that Susannah and Eddie Dean (who don’t appear until the second book) won’t be in the Dark Tower movie, but if there are sequels, King says we can count on all three of these characters to appear.

The Dark Tower hits theaters on February 17, 2017.

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