Reading through the statistics, you'd almost start to think "Boy I'm lucky my vehicle is still in the driveway." That's how much vehicle theft has ramped up across Oklahoma the last few years. With plenty of older vehicles and easy-to-exploit common newer models and criminal theives that have found a bounty of unsuspecting victims, you might feel similarly.

I think I was 13 years old one random Saturday morning when Dad and I walked out the door to go fishing. Mom and the sisters were off at Grandma's house and our tradition was to hit the local Daylight Donuts on the way to the lake.

He unlocked his driver's door and reached over to manually unlock my passenger-side door before we both realized at the same time, someone had stolen the front seats out of his SUV. It was weird, but the vehicle was still in the driveway.

There are 14,400 cases of grand theft auto in Oklahoma each year with a shockingly heavy emphasis on pickups--80% of all vehicle thefts. That may not seem odd, but trucks only account for 25% of all passenger vehicles in the state.

Even when broken down into the most commonly stolen vehicles by year, trucks outnumber cars 4-to-1.

Here's the rundown...

The 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Oklahoma

While catalytic converter and property theft seem to get all of the headlines recently, it's easy to forget how prevalent vehicle theft still is. Oddly enough, 20% of car thefts are reported to have had the keys accidentally left in unattended cars. You'll want to remain vigilant in protecting your ride, especially if you drive one of the ten most stolen vehicles in Oklahoma.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

25 hilarious Oklahoma personalized tags DENIED by the DMV

A great way to personalize your vehicle is with a custom license plate. There are some pretty creative and funny tags running around the Sooner State. Some are easy to get, others will have you scratching your head trying to figure it out what it says. Personalized plates are very popular and we're seeing more of them on the road every day. However, there are some rules and restrictions when it comes to what you can and can't put on your plate. If it's considered obscene, vulgar, demeaning, or includes any mention of drugs, alcohol, or illegal activities it will be DENIED. Check out the photo gallery below of some of the most hilarious tags that were rejected by the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles. WARNING: some of these could be considered offensive so if you're easily offended proceed with caution. You have been officially warned.

Gallery Credit: Don "Critter" Brown

Top 10 safest towns & cities in Oklahoma

These 10 Oklahoma towns and cities have been ranked and named as the safest in the entire Sooner State. If you're looking for someplace to move, retire or visit and are worried about crime, these are the safest places. They have some of the lowest crime rates in the state, some have the lowest in the Nation according to FBI crime statistics. Most of the cities and towns that made the top 10 safest places year are located in the southwest central portion of the state. One town made it to the top of the list at #1 for its 5th or 6th time.

Gallery Credit: Don "Critter" Brown

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