Motorcycle helmets are like condoms: It feels really, really good to ride without one, but it only takes a minor accident to result in major consequences. So as you get ready to mount up and hit the road this spring, we give you these five new motorcycle helmets that will not only keep your gray matter where it belongs, but are badass enough to make you forget that you have to wear a brain bucket. Now if they could only do the same thing with condoms.

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    Bell Rogue

    If you can't decide between a half helmet or a 3/4, go with the new Rogue from Bell and you get both. The adjustable front muzzle can be removed in seconds to let you ride with the wind in your face, and you can use the Fidlock Magnetic Connection to quickly reattach it, should road conditions call for extra protection or if you just want to ride looking like Bane. It's one of the best new motorcycles helmets of 2013.

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    Bitwell Bonanza

    For the discriminating retro rider, the 3/4 Bonanza from Bitwell has an Evel Knievel vibe and enough metal flake in the paint to make the 'Easy Rider' jealous. Add their classic bubble shield and you can ride your chopper like it's 1969.

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    Shoei Hornet-DS

    If you've ever been cruising down the road and spotted a wide open trail that was just calling your name, you understand the thinking behind the Shoei Hornet-DS. Made for dual-sport guys who just can't keep it out of the dirt, the Hornet-DS is the one new motorcycle helmet for both worlds, with a flip-up visor for when the terrain calls for goggles, and full face protection in case you hit that rock and Superman over the handlebars.

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    Harley-Davidson Milestone

    Since 1903, Harley-Davidson has defined what it means to be a biker, and they haven't taken their hand off the throttle since. Their brand new Milestone half helmet has the classic look of their original half, but with modern tech like dual front and back vents for air flow, and a retractable visor you can pull down when the glare gets too bright. Because even a badass hates to squint. Unless his last name is Eastwood.

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    Nolan N-Com

    One of the reasons you got a bike in the first place was to give rides to hot honeys who love the feel of two wheels between their legs. Why spend the whole time yelling over the wind and road noise? N-Com helmets from Nolan have built-in Bluetooth intercom capabilities to let you hear all her joy mile after mile or take a call from your next passenger.

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