The wait is almost over for the new shopping center in Elgin, OK. The "Elgin Square" is expected to be open sometime Spring 2021. We've been hearing a lot of rumors and rumblings about the new shopping center so we decided to take a quick trip to Elgin today to check it out for ourselves. The construction is moving along nicely and now that Mother Nature is being more cooperative crews are able to get back to work and get it finished up. All the framing and exterior walls are up and they'll be working on interiors soon.

TSM Lawton: Critter
TSM Lawton: Critter

We're excited for Elgin and for what this will mean for their community and economy. Plus, it's just a short drive down I-44 from Lawton, that's convenient. According to the official "Elgin Square" Facebook page Viridian Coffee, Hillary Communications, Cali Burrito and Elgin Laundry are all confirmed to have stores in the new shopping center. There's still room to grow as the "Elgin Square" will have 10 total store fronts. More businesses are leasing space and will be announced soon. Can't wait to seeing what else will be there.

Since we were already in Elgin we decided to stop by Bare Arms gun shop. It's been re-opened under new ownership and management. We had the chance to speak with the new owner/manager and hang out for awhile. They've got BIG PLANS for both the gun shop and indoor range facilities, looking forward to it. There could be a grand re-opening sometime this Spring, if so you can bet we'll be there!

Before we headed back to Lawton we couldn't pass up the chance to try out Pizza Corral so we wrapped up our lunch break with a quick visit and a bite to eat. We've always heard how good it is, but never had the chance to give it a try. It's amazing! If you're ever in Elgin you have to stop by Pizza Corral. I'd suggest their bacon, chicken, ranch pizza, it's THE BEST! I'll definitely be going back, regularly!

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