You've probably heard all the rumors that have been circulating over the past several months about a new shopping center being built on N.W. Cache Road in Lawton. The site which is close to 50th and Cache Road has been under construction for awhile now. It started right before the pandemic and stalled. Things are about to get started back up again and construction will resume soon. So what's being built?

We've been hearing all the rumors that Mathis Brothers is coming to Lawton, Fort Sill for close to a year now. Well, those rumors are true! It's taken longer than expected due to the pandemic and everything else that's happened over the past year. Now that things have improved somewhat construction will begin again on the new shopping center. Not too sure when it will be completed and opened but hopefully by early 2022.

The Lawton City Council meet earlier this week and voted to approve a funding package to assist with the construction. Around $800,000 will go towards the project to install new traffic lights on 50th and N.W. Cache, road improvements along with installing new water and sewer lines for the new shopping center. It's an investment to gain additional economic opportunities with future tax revenues, not to mention all the new jobs the center will provide local and area residents. So we get more places to shop and more jobs!

The new shopping center will not only have Mathis Brothers Furniture, but it will also have an Ashley HomeStore and a Mathis Sleep Center. Now that the city council has approved the development funds we should start seeing all the construction and roadwork resume. It'll be nice having more options for shopping and we could definitely use all the new jobs the center is bringing to Lawton, Fort Sill.

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