Just like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, the craze of music mashups tells us you never know what you're going to get. Sometimes tracks you could never imagine sync up in perfect absurd harmony, and that's the case with a new mashup from an artist going by the name PomDeter. The mixmaster has decided to take the Nine Inch Nails classic 'Head Like a Hole' and put it together with the recent ubiquitous Carly Rae Jepsen hit 'Call Me Maybe.'

Production-wise, the track dubbed 'Call Me a Hole' works surprisingly well, with Trent Reznor's angst-ridden lyrics laying perfectly into the Jepsen music bed. But that's also where things get a little weird. You can feel the emotion of Reznor's vocal delivery perhaps even more in the song, but it's hard to get too pulled down into mire of his melancholy with strings so infectiously catchy.

For instance, hearing the harsh line, "Head like a hole / Black as your soul / I'd rather die than give you control" against the really poppy, bouncy beats takes some of the sting out the hurt unveiled by Reznor laying his soul bare. Plus, if anything, the kids on 'Dance Party USA' might be able to work their moves a little easier than they did with 'Down In It' back in the day.

Reznor says in the song, "Bow down before the one you serve / You're going to get what you deserve," but we're guessing he probably never had this in mind. Take a listen to the Nine Inch Nails / Carly Rae Jepsen mashup of 'Call Me a Hole' below:

Listen to PomDeter's Mashup 'Call Me a Hole'

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