The world of social media, politicians, and infotainment fake news always seems to talk about how different we all are as people. I think their ultimate goal is to keep us all divided on issues so we can't suddenly remember we are one people and we can upset the status quo they've all grown so accustom to, but that's not something I can hop in and out of in 250 words. So I'll just talk here about something we all have in common. The dread of driving over a plastic bag.

It's like we, as humans, have a special little space in our brains that allow us to target acquisition and lock on to any random half-floating plastic grocery bag that happens to be in the road ahead. It's like we have a weird telekinetic bond with the plastic or something. You see it, watch it, study it, and try to aim your path of travel to either side of it. At whatever cost, you want to avoid it from going under your vehicle if you can, and I'm not sure why.

Of course, the first thoughts that enter your mind are the scenarios where you drive over the top of that bag, and your car catches on fire. That's what goes through my mind. It'll somehow get stuck to the exhaust and burst my truck into something Michael Bay would be paid to create. Or maybe it'll wrap around an axle, find its way into the bearings and my wheel will fall off. I've seen it happen with baling twine, it's plastic too...

Depending on the traffic around me, I'll veer or swerve to avoid a plastic bag. In those rare times that I'm forced to drive right over it, the first thing I do is check that mirror to make sure it came out the other end. I bet you do that too.

As different as we all are individually, I think it's fair to say we all have more in common that we think. It may just be the small things we all have in common, but if we focused more on those small things, we'd be better off as a united front of fellow countrymen.

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