I can't tell you how odd it is that so many people give me a bewildered look when I mention the shower beer. Sure, it's not as good as the shower sandwich, but after a day of hard work as a professional homeowner, it a very welcome reward. It's normally the type of thing I reserve for after completing my lawn care routine during the hot months... but even when it's cold this time of year and you've spent your day making dust and getting your hands dirty, it's still a welcome reward that stands the test of time.

Now you can ask anybody that knows me, they'll tell you I've never been much of a drinker. I think the bottle of the good stuff I enjoyed yesterday evening is from the same twelve pack I bought last spring when the grass started growing. That's because having a shower beer is a special thing. It's not something you can do everyday with the same level of appreciation. You have one everyday, all of a sudden it just becomes routine and you wake up one day with a drinking problem... but in moderation, it's the sweetest reward you can look forward to before starting a project you don't want to be a part of.

My projects were simple. Rake leaves and change my oil while the weather is nice and manageable. Raking leaves is easy work, I tend to mosey around the yard. Easy enough that I have two leaf blower/vacuums and I still reach for the rake. Changing my oil is a different story.

Before you pull out that punch for my man-card, let me explain... I've always changed my own oil. When I was sixteen and took my truck in for its first oil service, when the guy looked me in the eye after finishing and said "That'll be $55," I thought "That's ridiculous." I know $55 for an oil change doesn't sound high nowadays, but this is when five quarts and a filter were about $19.

The real problem I have with changing oil now is ground clearance. My truck is high enough for me to squeeze under it, but the low hanging chrome steps are not. I usually con Critter into being my guy under the vehicle, but something has come up the last three weekends I've tried to get this done... So I'm on my own. Instead of going out and buying a set of ramps, I decided to make my own since people who buy things are suckers. Besides, I'll trust my material over something stamped out in China any day of the week. Easily enough, I took a 2x6 I had in the woodpile, cut it up, screwed it together, cut a bevel into it so I could roll up on 'em, and presto. I'm back to being my own little oil tech.

Between the cold wind, leafy debris, and the hot oil running down my arm, I was ready for a hot steamy shower beer. The next time you put in a days work, you might consider it. There's a whole world of people enjoying them, join the club. Also, sour pink lemonade is a solid substitute, but nobody cares about your shower lemonade. At that point, it's just weird to even bring it up.

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