The Superintendent asked if the home team was going to do anything to enforce social distancing. Looks like nothing was going to happen, so no game.

Up in Norman, Oklahoma, superintendent Cecelia Robinson-Woods for Millwood went and attended the high school basketball game for her area. When she showed up to the game at Community Christian Academy she said no social distancing was taking place and no one was wearing masks. She went asked the principal if anything was going to be done about this.

“I found the principal and had a conversation with the principal in which the principal said they don’t have to follow the governor’s executive order or any social distancing or mask rules," said Robinson-Woods. "So I asked her if she could at least keep her fans on their side of the court so my fans could social distance and feel safe. And she said no ma’am, if you guys don’t want to do it or don’t like it you can leave.”

At halftime, she went to the locker room and told the team the game was over. Community Christian athletic director Mat McIntosh said he didn't expect Millwood to pull its teams. He said Community Christian has been trying to move forward with as normal operations as possible while having certain COVID-19 policies in place.

McIntosh said this is the first time another school has pulled its teams this school year from Community Christian home events. He said the gym was under 50% capacity Friday. "It was a surprise to us when it happened," McIntosh said.

Robinson-Woods said on her Facebook page, "We will NOT subject our kids and families to a super-spreader event just to compete." She also shared two photos of what the court looked like that night.

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