If you weren't already aware from the governors PETA BBQ event, May is National Bar-B-Que month and we're no strangers to good BBQ in Oklahoma. While Oklahoma has some tremendous smoked meats, it's never really in the conversation about BBQ in the national scene. Everyone tends to focus on South Carolina's vinegar and mustard BBQ, Mississippi's sweet sticky Delta BBQ, Kansas City's Texan ripoff BBQ, and of course, Texas' original famous brisket. That all being said, OKC was ranked the #2 destination in the country to eat BBQ.

All across Oklahoma's sprawling capital city and suburbs, good BBQ is really easy to find. Places like Iron Star, Bedlam BBQ, Leo's, Earls Rib Palace, & Swadley's name off just a few of the truly tasty independently owned and operated smoke joints. I've had just about every renowned BBQ in OKC, and I have to admit, the dirtier the place looks, the better the food tastes. It's always miles beyond the reheated chain BBQ options you'll find around the other parts of the state.

If you're like me, you read the headline and instantly knew Austin, TX was the #1 rated BBQ city in America... It's home to the #1 rate and reigning BBQ champion Franklin BBQ right? But no Texas city was listed on this top ten list. In fact, the first place I found a Texas city listed was Plano - ranked as having the second worst BBQ in the nation. It really was a bombshell.

If you're curious who beat out OKC and now reigns supreme for the next calendar year, New Orleans was voted #1 BBQ city in America... Not only for the smoked meats, but also for the various BBQ seafood dishes that are common there. Delicious for sure, but BBQ seafood isn't exactly BBQ at its core, NOLA got lucky.

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