As we continue to roll into the depths of summer, it's only fitting that we start to explore all of the different Independence Day celebrations you can experience all over the state.

Luckily for all of us, because the 4th falls midweek, most of the festivals are staggered across two and a half weeks starting this weekend.

They start humbly enough in the smaller towns throughout the state and culminate in the biggest fireworks displays you'll find anywhere. If you happen to spot something that's missing, the list is growing each day as more and more towns announce their festivities.

Unfortunately, with the state of the economy under those in Washington DC, some festivals won't be happening in 2024 due to inflation.

Whether you want to experience small and quaint, larger than life, super old fashioned, or the pinnacle of technology, there is a 4th of July celebration event somewhere near you.

Oklahoma's Best 4th of July Celebrations

There's nothing like celebrating America's independence in the heartland, and Oklahoma practically overflows with patriotism across the state. While most towns have their own celebrations, some are larger than others. Since it would be hard to catch all of them in one day, they're spread out a bit over two and a half weeks, pick one or more and let your American flag fly.

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