I know it seems like we all talk about how wrong the weather forecasts are on a day-to-day basis across Oklahoma, but this January arctic blast is being covered on a national level and straight from the National Weather Service.

Since the NWS is always content with issuing forecasts without needing to drive ratings, this one is probably worth paying attention to. It has also caught the attention of the viral meteorologists across social media.

The forecasts that are emerging are causing quite the reaction, particularly up north since all of the traditionally coldest Oklahoma counties are experiencing mild temps thanks to El Nino.

It's not just Oklahoma either, the northernmost states along the Canadian border have had one of the warmest Decembers on record. If you look around social media, it has been a blessing for some, and the worst-case scenario for ice-fisherman.


Here's what Oklahoma is expecting.

Winter weather is expected to start later this week across most of the Sooner State.

From the NWS in Norman:

A mixture of rain and snow appears possible late Thursday night into Friday across parts of northern Oklahoma. Little or no snow accumulations are currently expected. Additional chances of rain and snow will occur Saturday night into Sunday, as well as next Monday evening. The highest chance for winter weather impacts will be early next week.


@beckytaylor1523 Ready-or-not, winter looks to finally show up with frigid temps the second week of January. #midwestweather #arcticblast #meteorologist #kansasweather ♬ original sound - Becky Taylor

That's the first round of winter weather we're expecting, but the real deep freeze is expected later this month with temps as low as -10°.  

@bamwx #PolarVortex visit into the United States in January? Here’s what you need to know regarding January cold threats ahead. #Snow #Cold #Winter #arcticblast #Weather #WeatherTok #Meteorologist #Climate #fyp ♬ original sound - bamwx

 Is it too soon to predict the weather accurately?

Meh... The local meteorologists haven't started talking about this yet, and probably for good reason. When this deep freeze came up during a call with my dad, his response was

"They don't know what the weather is gonna be like tomorrow, how can they predict something weeks away?"

It's a fair point, but the local Oklahoma meteorologists aren't talking about it... yet.

Only time will tell what January holds in store for us, just don't get caught off-guard because the cold always comes to Oklahoma eventually.

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