Oklahoma could be one of the very first states to introduce an official season for Bigfoot. State Representative Justin Humphrey has just submitted a bill that would create an official hunting season for Sasquatch. House Bill 1648 requests that the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission consider a proposal to outline guidelines, annual season dates and all related licensing and fees Oklahoman's will be expected to pay to hunt for Bigfoot. Well not hunt, more like trap Bigfoot. 

Remain calm, no one wants to kill Bigfoot. The season and licensing will only be for  persons interested in sighting the mythical creature and possibly trapping a Bigfoot. I'm sure there will be guidelines on exactly how to trap and what kind of traps are acceptable. This way no imaginary creatures can be seriously harmed and their make believe habit destroyed by would be trappers and monster hunters.

Justin Humphrey is the representative for District 19 in Oklahoma. It includes several counties where Bigfoot sighting have taken place throughout the years. There's even an annual Bigfoot Festival in the town of Honobia, OK. which is in his district. The festival takes place in early October but was unfortunately cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By introducing this bill and trying to create an official Bigfoot season that he hopes coincides with the festival it could help with tourism.

It's all in good fun, and to be honest right now is the perfect time. We could all take ourselves a little less seriously and just have some fun right about now.

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