Located in Northeastern Oklahoma and nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains range you'll find one of the Sooner State's biggest mysteries, the Bridge to Nowhere. If you've ever visited Grand Lake O' the Cherokees you may have seen this unexplained mystery for yourself, a bridge that literally goes nowhere.


The bridge is located on Grand Lake at Horse Creek Cove which is near the Bernice area of Grand Lake. What's odd is the bridge doesn't touch land on either side of the lake, it just stands in the middle with water on all sides. It's a camelback, steel truss-style bridge on concrete risers, it looks very similar to a train bridge.

Hit play on the video below to get a glimpse of the Bridge to Nowhere at Grand Lake, OK.

The history of the bridge dates back to the 1930s, maybe even earlier. Most say it was originally built back in the early 1900s before Grand Lake was created. No one knows for sure exactly when it was built, who built it, and what its primary purpose was. More than a few stories have been told about this mysterious bridge.


Some say that a local politician built the bridge to access property he held on the other side of the lake. He used taxpayer money but was voted out of office before the bridge could be completed. Others say it was a train bridge prior to Grand Lake but was eventually closed due to falling into disrepair and unsafe conditions.

There's more to Grand Lake than the Bridge to Nowhere watch the video below

Another story claims that the bridge was built as a tollway back in the early 1900s to replace Carey's Ferry. This is more likely the truth as there are records that confirm most of this. Tragically the bridge collapsed while being constructed and killed a couple of workers. Eventually, it was completed and opened.


Unfortunately, it wasn't open long and was shut down sometime in 1938 when the plans to build Grand Lake were finalized. Parts of the bridge were dismantled in order to move forward with the construction of Grand Lake, but sections of the bridge were left untouched. This may explain the Bridge to Nowhere.

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