It's hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is almost here. Man, this year has flown by. Earlier this week we had our annual Thanksgiving luncheon, it was an absolute feast. We had deep-fried turkey and all the trimmings, plus we had some leftovers for sandwiches and soup the rest of the week, perfect. I love this time of year and Thanksgiving is one of my all-time favorite holidays. Being a big fan of turkey doesn't hurt either of course.


For the past 20 plus years, I've deep-fried my turkeys and have never looked back. For me, it's the fastest, juiciest, best, and most delicious way to cook a turkey hands down. I do enjoy eating all types of turkey from smoked to roasted, but fried is my absolute favorite. So if I'm in charge of cooking the turkey, which I always am, it's gonna be fried. What about you what's your favorite way to cook a turkey? Take the quick poll below: 

A really close second to fried turkey for me is smoked. I've had some incredible smoked turkey before and it's almost as good as fried. You wouldn't think it was possible, but depending on how it's done it can be almost as juicy as fried turkey, almost. I've also grilled turkey before and it turned out great. It wasn't as good as fried, but it was still pretty good. It does take a lot of time, patience, and attention to do it right though.

Deep-fried turkey is the absolute best. It's the quickest and juiciest way to cook a turkey

Deep frying a turkey
Gustavo Perales

Baked and roasted isn't bad either, a little dry but it's still good. I've never tried using a crockpot or Instant Pot to cook a turkey, I'll have to try that one out and see how it tastes. I bet it's pretty good especially if you smoother it with gravy. I've even microwaved a turkey before. It was a smaller bird around 12 pounds. It looked God awful but tasted good. When it was finally fully cooked to 180 degrees it looked like a meteorite.

Doing it the old-fashioned way by baking or roasting the turkey is still a great option

Thanksgiving Turkey
Shawn Campbell

There's a ton of different ways you can cook your turkey this Thanksgiving, or really anytime you're in the mood. That's the thing about turkey, whole birds aren't normally available except around Thanksgiving and Christmas. So if you want to cook one in mid-April you're out of luck, unless you have one in the deep freeze you bought during the holiday season. Sure you can always find sandwich sliced, breast, TV dinners, and other kinds of turkey, but it's not the same as cooking a whole bird. Not even close.

Another popular option is to smoke or grill your turkey. It takes time, but it's worth it!

Turkey Legs

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